There are a number of forms below that you may find useful, please let us know if you are unable to find the form you are looking for – 

Accident report form

Public liability certificate 2018-2019

Overseas Sanctioning

Please note that applications for sanctioning must be with the ESFA 28 days prior to the planned fixture/tour, to guarantee that checks can be completed in time for approval to reach you before the event

Sanctioning activity risk assessment

Association overseas sanction request form

School overseas sanction request form

Association & school request to participate in unaffiliated football 

Nomination Forms

Please ensure all sections of nomination forms are filled out before sending them on to your area Council member. 

Life membership nomination form

Long service nomination form (10 years)

Long service nomination form (25 years)

Long service nomination form (40 years)

Long service nomination form (50 years)

Post 16 Football – Eligibility Criteria

The ESFA recognises that the post-16 market is a complex and changing one, with presumption 6th forms, academisation, further education mergers, sixth form closures and the emergence of “private providers” operating either with government support (e.g. for apprenticeships) or on a purely commercial basis, making the market a tricky one to support.

This guidance is therefore provided to aid Associations to aid their determination of eligibility of individual organisations and players to participate in ESFA activities. Some of this guidance is a clarification of existing practice, and some is newly defined in the face of the changing sector. Please read these carefully when planning for next season and build in the following checks before entering players/institutions into ESFA activities. 

Approved Post 16 football guidance

Headteacher Toolkit

The headteacher toolkit explains how much we would really like to encourage all of our competing schools to not only get right behind their school team/s but also behind the wonderful opportunities of schools’ football and all it can bring to pupils and entire schools alike.

ESFA Headteacher Brochure FINAL

ESFA Constitution and Structures Guide

Following decisions taken at the AGM about Association structures, you may be thinking about revising your constitution or changing your Association structure. Please find our guide to help you with this below

ESFA Constitution and Structures Guide