FA Workshops

The FA’s Safeguarding Children and Welfare Officer Workshops are football-specific courses which cover the FA’s policies and procedures for reporting concerns and look at scenarios related to football and the FA’s guidelines for safeguarding children. FA Welfare Office procedures may not be the same as in schools and it is important that County and District Associations with representative teams follow FA procedures on Child Welfare matters, in order to comply with ESFA policy.

County FA’s run regular workshops which are advertised on their websites and may usually be booked online.

County FA contact information can be found here

Safeguarding Children Workshop (SCW)

The Safeguarding Children three-hour workshop covers the following:

  • Why football needs to safeguard children
  • Best practise in football
  • Signs and indicators of abuse and poor practise
  • Action to take if you have concerns about the welfare of a young person
  • Your relationship and behaviour towards young players

Welfare Officer Workshop (WOW)

This workshop is only for those who have taken on the role of Welfare Officer for their District or County Association. Please note – you must have completed the Safeguarding Children Workshop before you can attend this workshop. It is important that you have an understanding of what safeguarding in football means before you attend the WOW.

The three-hour Welfare Officer Workshop covers the following:

  • The role of the welfare officer and the safeguarding children network
  • Resources and support available
  • Key safeguarding legislation
  • Statutory agencies and role of The FA
  • Making referrals and dealing with poor practise
  • Action planning and creating an aware Association