National Competitions- Season 2022/23

ESFA National Representative Competitions Season 22-23 

Below is an outline of the national competition offer for ESFA districts and counties for the 22-23 season. Further details and information about how to enter will follow soon. 

This offer has been stripped back to a simple entry fee per team. Participating Associations can choose how they wish to fund this locally avoiding the ethical conflict of asking families to pay that was insurmountable for some. Some ideas of how Associations may wish to raise the entry fees are included below. 

The ESFA Council values strongly the opportunities offered by the national competitions for representative football offered by the national body. We believe they broaden and strengthen the offer made by regional competitions. 

Players have given us the clear message that they value the opportunity to challenge themselves nationally and parents overwhelmingly support that view. 

Many ESFA Associations have demonstrated their support for these competitions by participating over many years and by the passion that has been evident as we seek a way forward together. 

It is for these reasons that we share a strong desire to ensure that the national competitions continue. Council recognises that not all Associations wish or are able to participate; this has always been the case, but we wish to continue to work together to retain these opportunities.  

The offer for the 22-23 season is a simple one and is based on the cost of running the competitions. The figures have been arrived at using the entry levels for the 21-22 season and the scaled back costs based on membership feedback. 

Entry will be by competition entry fee per team: 

Competition Family Entry fee per team Number of teams needed to be viable per family 
Primary Inter Association £100 (equivalent to less than £8 per player) 96 
Secondary Inter Association £315 (equivalent to less than £20 per player) 192 
Inter County £325 (equivalent to just over £20 per player) 85 

Key Information to note: 

  • Competitions will be entered via ESFA portal 
  • Players will be registered via League Republic 
  • There will be no player registration fee 
  • Primary inter association and secondary inter county competitions will be played on a national knock-out basis. Geography will be considered in the early rounds to allow for associations to play teams that they would not routinely meet in local competitions, but keeping travel distance reasonable, where possible 
  • Secondary inter association competitions will be played in a champions league format and will have a cup and a plate competition. Geography will be considered in the group stages to allow for associations to play teams that they would not routinely meet in local competitions, but keeping travel distance reasonable, where possible 
  • All competition entries will open week commencing 13th June 2022 
  • Entry deadline will be midday on 8th July 2022 
  • Draws for viable competition families will be published in week commencing 1st August 2022 
  • In the event of any family of competitions not being viable this information will be published by 1st August 2022 

Competition Families 

Primary Inter Association Family – 96 total entries required 
U11 Boys inter association Knock out format    
U11 Girls inter association 
Secondary Inter Association Family – 192 total entries required (Cup & Plate competitions included) 
U12 Boys inter association Champions League format (Group Phase followed by Knockout Phase)
U12 Girls inter association 
U13 Boys inter association 
U13 Girls inter association 
U14 Boys inter association 
U14 Girls inter association 
U15 Boys inter association 
U15 Girls inter association 
Secondary Inter County Family – 85 total entries required 
U14 Boys inter county Knock out format 
U14 Girls inter county 
U16 Boys inter county 
U16 Girls inter county 
U18 Boys inter county 

Fundraising Ideas for entry to national competitions: 

  • Ask schools to support players chosen for representative squads by making a financial contribution. 
  • Ask parents of players chosen to make that contribution locally. 
  • Run a player sponsorship scheme and ask a family to get an individual sponsor for their son or daughter. 
  • Look for a team sponsor to support the entry costs of a whole team. 
  • Use the kit sponsorship opportunities on the ESFA website to cover kit costs and the competition entry fee. 
  • Fundraise locally to meet costs. There are many good ideas used by our Associations that you may be able to adopt. 
  • If you provide opportunities for less advantaged children you may be able to access a local trust fund. It is worth approaching local and parish councillors who may have information about funds in your area. 

A strong portfolio of national representative competitions is an invaluable asset to us all, particularly the many young people who have the opportunity to take part in them. We ask that membership consider this offer carefully and that as many of you as possible enter these competitions for the 22-23 season.