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ESFA Statement – Grassroots Football

Members will have seen that the FA have issued a release stating that the grass roots football season is now closed. Following discussions with The FA, the ESFA’s position can now be clarified as follows:

 “It remains the ESFA’s intention to put on finals for national schools’ and inter-District/County competitions for the 19/20 season if it is at all possible, even if this means a set of early autumn finals. We strongly believe that pupils and their teachers have earned this honour and it is incumbent upon us to do our utmost to see these competitions through to a fruitful conclusion. We accept that, ultimately, this will be an issue of timing and logistics

 For local, county or regional competitions, you will undoubtedly have rules which state whether you will share a trophy in certain circumstances, or whether you expect a title to be awarded on results: you may therefore be able to extrapolate from that. If your rules are ambiguous in this matter then you may wish to consult with your members before determining how to proceed

Should you have any local, county or regional leagues which are still in operation, please contact the ESFA for advice”

You can read The FA’s statement here.

Sponsors and Partners

Pass4 Soccer closes for business

The ESFA are sad to share the news that their Sports Scholarship providers, Pass4 Soccer have announced they are to close the business.

Pass4 have issued the following statement: “the US scholarship industry has been shaken to its core by the onset of COVID 19 following the total shut down of US academic and inter collegiate sports until further notice and as such the owner of Pass4Ltd has taken the decision to close the business after 16 years.”

The ESFA would like to issue thanks to Pass4 for their support of the England U15 and U18 squads for many years and wish all Pass4 employees success in whichever direction they now pursue.