Squad Personnel

Regional Selectors

The International Programme is governed by the ESFA’s Council through its Representative Football Committee. The Committee sets the international programme, which is built around the competitive fixtures provided by the Schools’ International Football Association Board (SAFIB). The Council further supports the international programme by running a series of regional trials, co-ordinated by a Council member or their nominee.

For the 19/20 season, regional co-ordinators are:

U15 Girls

Council member Area
John Martin South West of England
Stuart Botham South East of England
Mark Hignett Midlands
Alan Johnston North of England


U18 Boys

Council member Area
Stuart Inger South West of England
Phil Harding South East of England
Paul Rickard Midlands
Richy Alderson North of England

Council are supported in their work by an International Programme Co-ordinator, who administers the programme behind the scenes. For the boys, this voluntary post is held by Derv Chown. An appointment for the girls programme is expected imminently. 

Staffing the Squads


Each team is run by a set of volunteers and we are immensely grateful to them to giving their time to support the international programme. We hope that our volunteer management teams have as good an experience as the pupils who play.

The personnel for 19/20 season are:

U15 Girls

Name Position
Sian Williams  Manager
Adam Jones Assistant Manager
David Ebberson Goalkeeping Coach
Matt Roach Physio


U18 Boys

Name Position
Richy Alderson Manager
Luke Hampton Assistant Manager
Matt George Goalkeeping Coach
Tony Harris Physio