ESFA Hotshots

Season 2023/24

Hotshots is all about intra-school football. The project’s aim is to get as many young people as possible playing schools’ football and to build on the success of the campaign since its conception in 2021, which has seen over 80,000 young people taking part so far.

The ESFA is able to incentivise this activity, so that each school that signs up and organises intra-school football during the 23/24 school year will be entered into a prize draw, with the possibility of winning a £1,500 cash prize in their relevant category.

We know that thousands of schools across England are already running intra-school football, whether this inter house football or a kickabout on the field at lunchtime, you can submit this activity as part of the ESFA Hotshots campaign. The beauty of this campaign is that most schools are already running this activity as a part of the every day school day – and now they can be rewarded for doing just that!

The ESFA has put together a short guide for schools, providing some helpful information on how to plan intra-school football activity – whether it’s playing on a playground, on a field with jumpers for goal posts, or a 3G pitch. The guide also highlights how the prize draw will work and will provide a date structure for schools to plan activity around. You can download this below:

Register your interest and submit your activity

To register your interest in this season’s ESFA hotshots campaign, please fill out the short survey below and be added to the mailing list to receive reminders and ideas on how to run Intra-School activity in your school.

Already running intra-school football at your school? Submit this activity via the form below and be added into the prize draw for a chance to win £1500 for your school.


The ESFA has created a Hotshots certificate to reward individual participation, as well as a suite of social media assets which schools can download and share across their own channels.

ESFA Hotshots Prize Draw 

We have put together a fact-sheet, providing all the information you need on how the Hotshots prize draw will work. This includes how we group together draw-categories and allocate the number of entries you will receive for registering your activity. You can download the guide below: 


Social Media

The ESFA is keen to track the Hotshots progress across England via social media and will be encouraging schools to post about their activity, tagging @schoolsfootball on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and using the hashtag #ESFAHotshots

Season 2022/23

The 2022/23 ESFA hotshots campaign saw over 50,000 school children taking part in Intra School football through out the season, weather this was competitive inter house football or simply a kickabout on the field with jumpers for goalposts, it was amazing to see so many young people playing schools’ football. Schools across England registered to participate in the campaign with one participating school saying:

“Our Intra school football activity week was a great opportunity for all of our children across the school to get involved with. Our children all really enjoyed taking part and were able to develop lots of life skills, including teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship, whilst also having fun playing lots of different football themed activities with their friends, at the same time!”