Schools’ Football Week

Let’s support even more pupils to enjoy the benefits of schools’ football

6th – 12th February 2023

Schools’ Football Week is an ongoing ESFA initiative designed as an opportunity for schools, teams and clubs from across the country to embrace schools’ football and the wellbeing benefits it provides to pupils and players. It celebrates the importance of schools’ football, competitive or otherwise, to pupils across England and provides teachers and coaches with tools and a motivation to further discuss the benefits of schools’ football within their educational environment.

Everything in one place…

Head over to the dedicated Schools’ Football Week website for full information on the 2023 campaign, all its activities and how you can get involved. It’s never too soon to begin planning how you can get involved

The 2022 SFW campaign saw us embrace the growing participation in girls’ football in schools – promoting the importance of equal access to schools’ football for both girls and boys. The campaign alone saw over 56,000 girls benefitting from footballing opportunities across the 7th – 13th February. In this new season, following the incredible journey of the Lionesses and continuing the trend the ESFA have seen over the last two years, we’ve seen the highest number of girls’ entries into National Cup competitions, with over 120 schools entering girls’ teams for the first time. We are going to continue in our pursuit to celebrate girls’ and all schools’ football in 2023.

The story so far…

Number of pupils22,000104,594142,881
Number of schools340491815
Number of teams2,7048,42710,022
Number of girls57,000