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In Partnership

VEO, a portable and affordable solution that enables sports teams to record and analyse matches and training sessions without the need for a camera operator, will be offering some great opportunities for ESFA member schools to take advantage of the benefits of their technology.

The partnership, which will officially launch as of September 2020, will last for three years, in the first instance and during this time both the ESFA and VEO hope to be able to share the successes of their technology whilst in use in National Cup competitions, International fixtures and training sessions for schools’ cup teams.

Our Mission


Advanced technology in the world of Football is unfairly distributed, and Veo is on a mission to change that. Veo challenges the idea that sports technology is only for the elite. Hence, Veo aims to make sports technology accessible to all, to help every player and team take their game – and their sport – up a level. 

Veo believes in the power of technology to amplify Football’s positive impact in our world. Technology has the power to make players better players and coaches better coaches. We do it with a camera that can automatically record football and a state-of-the-art analysis platform, all powered by AI.



Now, Veo provides the opportunity for clubs, teams and players to live-stream games at the touch of a button in The Northern Premier league. This allows friends, family, and fans to experience the greatest moments when it happens and when it matters – in real time! 

Off the pitch, Veo makes it simple for coaches and players to analyse their game and easy for fans of non-league football to stream and share every moment. Anytime, anywhere. Coaches are busy people. With Veo, they can dedicate their time on the pitch to coaching, not filming.

Discount on Veo

You can receive a £200 discount on a purchase of a Veo camera by clicking the discount link below. The proceeds from these sales go directly to supporting the ESFA so all support is appreciated. 

The English Schools Football Association is a very important partner for us. The ESFA enhances both the performance and social development of pupils through football. Considering these pupils are both visual learners and digitally engaged, Veo is able to enhance this experience. Veo is also a very useful aid in filming students for examination assessments and we are happy to alleviate some of the stress this has caused coaches/teachers/parents alike

– Oli Perkins, VEO Market Manager (UK)


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