ESFA Champions Cup

The new face of Representative Football for the English Schools’ FA

The ESFA is delighted to introduce the Champions Cup – kicking off in season 21/22. The ESFA Champions Cup will be the overarching brand for a new set of competitions for District SFAs and County SFAs based on a ‘Champions League’ style format, with more fixtures and a defined date structure, allowing for local and county competitions to dovetail alongside them. The Champions Cup will be underpinned by commercial re-branding and investment funded by the new Player Passport Scheme.

Full information on the Champions Cup can be found in the brochure below:

Introducing Player Passport

The Player Passport will be an online registration system, with the functionality to confidentially hold player details, make online payments, hold player performance stats and to provide squad lisrs, team sheets and submit scores.

The new system will ensure eligibility of all players within the Champions Cup and registration will also create benefits for both players and those who pay for the registration (payer). Player benefits include increased opportunities to take part in representative football (if selected) thanks to the increased fixture programme through adoption of the Champions Cup. This also ensures players are covered by insurance provided by the ESFA for the representative game. For the ‘payer’, there will be a number of perks in terms of discounts with various chains, online stores and suppliers. The ESFA is finalising ‘payer perks’ and this information will be confirmed ahead of the 21/22 season.

Download our Player Passport guide here for more information

Player Passport Partners

(To be announced)

Player Passport FAQs

We have put together an FAQ document to help with the understanding of the new Player Passport scheme – we hope you find this useful. If the document below doesn’t answer your question, please contact Andrea Chilton via email ( with ‘Player Passport FAQ’ as the subject. We will continue to add new questions to this document as further questions are received.