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About the ESFA

Since its formation in 1904, the English Schools’ Football Association has become the National Governing Body for Schools’ Football in England and has also run International squads since 1907. The ESFA is proud of its remit as an educational organisation, to be able to reward individuals, particularly at U18 level, who choose to remain in mainstream education as opposed to opting to join the academy system. There are deeply rooted values in education for ESFA and this is a way to celebrate players who have chosen to build a secure foundation for themselves with qualifications, wherever their football careers may take them.

The Association generates over 50,000 playing opportunities for school pupils across the country each year, with over 110,000 pupils taking part in National Schools’ Cup competitions. Working with sponsors such as PlayStation, Pokemon, Pro:Direct, Panini and Utilita, the ESFA consistently works to create new and improved opportunities for schools’ football players in England, whilst working hard to create equal and inclusive access to the sport, in particular its provision of girls’ football.

The ESFA prides itself on its educational ethos and it values the importance of football in the classroom as much as on the pitch, with the Association creating plenty of opportunities to celebrate all the wide-reaching benefits of Schools’ Football. For more information about the ESFA and its many campaigns, including Schools’ Football Week, you can visit the ESFA website or follow @schoolsfoootball on Twitter and Instagram 

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