Vacancies to serve on the ESFA Council 

The ESFA Council has four vacancies for the period 2021/22 – 2023/24. Vacancies are either long standing, or have arisen following the end of one year terms of office offered to non-teachers under the extended eligibility criteria for Council Membership, as laid down by the Constitution. The vacancies are: 

· North – one long standing vacancy 

· Midlands – one vacancy arising from the end of a one year term of office 

· South West – two vacancies, one long standing and one arising from the end of a one year term of office 

The ESFA has moved to accept nominations for Council vacancies through the extended eligibility criteria as below:

“In the event that an eligible nominee for elected Council membership is not identified in an area, Council may, for a period of no longer than one year, co-opt a schools’ employee who does not hold QTS but who is a member of an affiliated Association in the area, as long as the co-opted membership for that area does not exceed 1 member.” 

Should you wish to nominate or second, please follow the procedure outlined on the document below.

The ESFA Council has welcomed several new Members in the last two seasons and remains grateful to all who serve in these demanding but rewarding roles. Please therefore encourage any interested party to discuss Council membership with the existing members in your region so that nominations are made in the knowledge that those involved are able to commit to the requirements of the role.