Representative teams- Players

Privacy Notice: Rep Football Players

So that we can organise football matches for you, we need some information about you. We are asking your parent(s), carers or guardians a few questions about:

  • Your name, school and age
  • How best to get in touch with you
  • Who looks after you and how to get in touch with them
  • Whether you have any special needs for your health or welfare – if, for example, you need an inhaler, or other medication to make sure you can play safely

We are doing this so that:

  • We can make sure those people who need to contact you can do so quickly and easily
  • We can put your name on things like team lists or programmes
  • We can keep a record of you taking part in the ESFA’s football
  • We can celebrate the achievements of you and your team mates
  • We can properly manage any discipline or safeguarding matters
  • We can look after you so that you enjoy your football safely, while staying healthy

We hope that you’ll carry on playing with us for some time, but when you are ready to move on we will keep a record of your place in our teams, but we won’t keep anything about your health, welfare or parents.

If you want to talk to anyone about this, the person who looks after you should be able to help, or you can always ask one of the people who organise your football and they will be able to tell you who to talk to, if it isn’t them. In the meantime, please don’t forget to let us know if you change anything about how we should contact you – for example, if you usually hear from us by text message, don’t forget to tell us if you change your number!