Child Welfare Policy Downloads

Anti Bully Policy and Procedures

AOTT Job Description

Appointing an ESFA Welfare Officer

Code of Conduct for Association Welfare Officers

Code of Conduct for Coaches

Code of Conduct for Volunteer Association Welfare Officers

Communicating responsibly with U18s

CWO Newsletter Spring 2015

CWO Newsletter Spring 2017

English Schools FA Criminal Record Check Applicant Guidance

ESFA Football Coach Application Form

ESFA Respect Card 2014

FA Concussion Guidelines

FA CRB County Applicant Guidance

FA Guidance for Spectacles

Guidance for U18s

Guidance on Running a Website

Photographs and Video Guidance

Responsible Recruitment of Volunteers and Staff

Responsible use of Social Networking Sites

Safeguarding Children Policy and Procedures

Safeguarding Governance Structures

Approved Safeguarding Policy Framework Association Suspension Procedure Approved

ESFA Safegaurding Children policy

Safeguarding Policy Framework Association Suspension Procedure

Safeguarding Re-Certification-Guidance

Sample ESFA Consent Form

Shower & Changing Room Best Practice – Child Welfare

Social Media Parents and Carers Guidance

Social Networking Mobile Phones and Email

Stay Safe Guidance for Children

Travel Trips and Events Guidance

Using Texts and Emails to Communicate

Welfare Officer Checklist

Welfare Officer Roles and Responsibilities