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ESFA 15 Benefits – Benefits 6 – 10 of Schools’ Football

The ESFA share yet more fantastic content of coaches, players and team managers – highlighting how some of the “Benefits of Schools’ Football” have impacted on their lives

The ESFA have today posted another five videos relating to their “15 Benefits of Schools’ Football’ campaign, which is running throughout the summer.

This week, the posts feature videos from pupils that attend Hazel Grove High School in Stockport, Headlands School in East Riding, John Spence High School in North Shields and National CofE Academy in Nottingham, all giving their views on topics such as the importance of teamwork and respect. There are also videos from PE Teachers/Football Coaches from schools in Kent and Berkshire, discussing how important Schools’ Football is to them in their schools and the impact it can have on their pupils there.

The “15 Benefits of Schools’ Football” campaign is a fantastic way to lead into the 2020/21 schools’ football season, which the ESFA are hopeful will begin in November 2020. Having the opportunity to share valuable contributions from those that the ESFA continue to work hard to produce footballing opportunities for, is a true reminder of how important the Association and its competitions is within and across England.

The campaign will continue on 19 August, with the final five benefits being discussed and showcased. The ESFA are also keen to share an inspirational story about England U18 squad member, Taylor Haddow and how playing schools’ football has helped him to manage his stress and anxiety – which will be shared via social channels and the website over the coming weeks.

For further information or to share your thoughts on the ESFA’s 15 Benefits, please head over to our social channels (@SchoolsFootball on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) and YouTube channel, ESFA TV, to leave your comments and feedback.

The World of Schools' Football

ESFA release first five benefits of Schools’ Football

The “ESFA 15 Benefits” campaign includes content submitted by schools’ football players, teachers and coaches, showing the positive impact that playing football has had on their lives and experiences

The first five videos, which wil be launched via the ESFA’s social media channels today (@SchoolsFootball) showcase how important and beneficial playing schools’ football can be for school pupils in England.

Videos feature both teachers and pupils from schools across England, sharing their own thoughts and experiences of Schools’ Football and how it has benefitted countless children and teachers in a variety of different ways.

Aside from the wonderful content captured in these videos, the ESFA received a multitude of other feedback from players and teachers on not just the first five, but all 15 benefits of Schools’ Football.

Common themes of feedback include how pupils are able to gather and build confidence in a number of different life skills, that it encourages friendship and a sense of belonging for many pupils, it can help to improve understanding and relationships between pupils and teaching staff and inspire children to push themselves not only at sport, but in their other academic challenges.

The ESFA are delighted to be able to share such positive feedback from those that schools’ football is created for, which in turn validates the benefits which underpin ESFA activities.

Further content on the “ESFA 15 Benefits” will be shared online via the ESFA social channels over the coming weeks, reminding everyone of the importance and joy that schools’ football brings, in the lead up to the 2020/21 season, which is anticipated to start in November 2020.