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The ESFA and Veo renew their partnership for the 23/24 season

The ESFA is delighted to announce the continuation of the partnership with Veo, the Associations’ official remote filming partner for the 2023/24 season. Schools and Associations can receive a £200 discount on a Veo camera by using the ESFA’s unique link here.

Advanced technology in the world of Football is unfairly distributed, and Veo is on a mission to change that. Veo challenges the idea that sports technology is only for the elite. Hence, Veo aims to make sports technology accessible to all, to help every player and team take their game – and their sport – up a level.

Veo believes in the power of technology to amplify Football’s positive impact in our world. Technology has the power to make players better players and coaches better coaches. Veo do it with a camera that can automatically record football and a state-of-the-art analysis platform, all powered by AI.


Now, Veo provides the opportunity for clubs, teams and players to live-stream games at the touch of a button in football. This allows friends, family, and fans to experience the greatest moments when it happens and when it matters – in real time! 

Off the pitch, Veo makes it simple for coaches and players to analyse their game and easy for fans of non-league football to stream and share every moment. Anytime, anywhere. Coaches are busy people. With Veo, they can dedicate their time on the pitch to coaching, not filming.

Oli Perkins, Veo Market Manager (UK) said “The English Schools Football Association is a very important partner for us. The ESFA enhances both the performance and social development of pupils through football. Considering these pupils are both visual learners and digitally engaged, Veo is able to enhance this experience. Veo is also a very useful aid in filming students for examination assessments and we are happy to alleviate some of the stress this has caused coaches/teachers/parents alike”

ESFA Chair Marvin Robinson said: “I am pleased to see that there is a continuation of the partnership between VEO and the ESFA, as the Association’s “official Remote Filming Partner”. We are constantly reminded of how important training and match analysis is from our competing school teams, Association representative and international sides and we hope that by continuing to promote this technology, with a discounted rate for ESFA members, all of our teams and competing schools may be able to benefit and help to raise the level of their game each season.”

As part of the partnership, the ESFA’s England U15 Schoolgirls and U18 Schoolboys have been able to utilise the Veo technology throughout their training sessions and matches in previous seasons. England U15 Schoolgirls’ manager Sian Lingham said: “Using Veo allowed the staff to clip passages of play in order to highlight both good play and areas for improvement. It’s a really useful tool in our armoury to enhance the development of the players and set both individual and group targets.

Veo also allowed the players to review their own performances in as much detail as each one wanted to. Some took it as an opportunity to critically analyse their own performances and even wrote reports on what they saw. It gives the player the independence to take charge of their own learning and many questions stemmed from their viewing of matches.”

The English Schools’ FA has also utilised the technology to film and share a number of National Finals from last season, creating highlight packages for the Association’s audience to enjoy. These can be viewed via the ESFA’s YouTube channel ESFA TV.

If you wish to purchase a Veo camera for your school or Association or are looking for more information, visit the link below to book a call with a Veo sales representative and receive a £200 discount.

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