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PlayStation Tie of the Round ft Aaron Cresswell

Drapers’ Academy pupils left CressWELL impressed at the latest PlayStation TOTR event…

The sixth Playstation Tie of the Round (TOTR) event started with the students of Drapers’ Academy being treated with a PlayStation gaming session. Students had the privilege of choosing from a variety of games that were set up on the consoles. There was a loud buzz of excitement as students gathered around, determined to win against their opponents in each game. Not a single pupil was left without a smile on their face.

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As Aaron Cresswell walked into the school hall, Drapers’ students were astonished that they were in the presence of the West ham player and that their school was chosen to be visited by him.

A few pupils were given the chance of asking a Premier League footballer some questions during the Q&A session…

‘What are your memories of school football?’

‘What does it take to become a footballer?’

‘Who’s the joker in the West ham Changing room?’

Watch the full interview below:

Meet & Greet

The team captains of Drapers’ Academy and Redden Court school were given the honour of introducing each player in their team to Aaron Cresswell. The West ham player greeted each player and gave them a handshake which was evidently a big moment for each individual.



A man of many talents…

After the meet and greet Aaron Cresswell was excited to see a piano in the hallway and immediately took to it. He played John Legends’s ‘All of me’.

Ready, set, FIFA

The FIFA match was turbulent, to say the least. It was by far one of the most entertaining of the season so far.

Cresswell chose Barcelona to play as and the student chose Juventus. Every second of the match was extremely gripping every couple of minutes there were goals about to be attempted.

In the last few minutes of the match saw a lot of twists! Cresswell was falling behind with a score of 0-2. However, when it was close to the end of the game Cresswell scored 2 goals to even the result.

Though the crowd was expecting the match to finish on a draw, there was a surprising turn of events in the last few moments. Just before the match ended the student managed unexpectedly to score one last goal. The reaction from the crowd was one of disbelief as his classmates cheered in pride over his victory. The end score was 2-3. Cresswell took the defeat well and congratulated the student and even praised his FIFA skills.

Six Tie of the Rounds down and plenty more to go. There are still several Premier League footballers set to make appearances across schools all over the country in 2019. To stay up to date make sure you follow our social media and turn on post notifications for our Instagram coverage from upcoming events.

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