Tie of the Round

Playstation Tie of the Round Event ft. Wilfried Zaha

Wilfried Zaha made an appearance at Ravenswood school on 8th November…

Fifa Time

The second TOTR of the season was a success. To start the day pupils were allowed to play games on PlayStation consoles with their classmates. Playing video games at school was something that every child in the room was enthusiastic about. The room was filled with passion and excitement as students got invested in their own games and in supporting their friends.

Zaha has Arrived

The football teams at Ravenswood school were treated to a huge surprise as the talented Wilfried Zaha visited their school. There was a huge buzz of excitement and anticipation in the air as the students waited patiently for the player’s arrival. 


Q&A Session

The students were offered the opportunity to ask the player questions that they had thought of. With a mixture of humor and wisdom, Zaha answered all of the questions and was able to provide advice to the aspiring footballers at the school.


‘The best Advice I can give to a player is to just believe in yourself.Obviously you go through patches where people don’t think you’re good , but youve just got to believe in yourself because everyone will not see what you see, so obviously to better yourself you’ve just got to believe in yourself the whole time. “

Wilfried Zaha

Questions such as below were asked and the answers can be found in the videos below :

‘What’s your most memorable goal for Palace?’

‘Who was the most difficult player you’ve ever had to play against?’

Fifa + Zaha = Dream come true

Imagine getting the chance to play Fifa at school against an actual footballer who stars in the game. Well, one lucky pupil from Ravenswood school was awarded this chance. Some of this action was displayed live on our Instagram @schoolsfootball . It was a very intense match with added pressure from a group of students spectating, however, Zaha was able to come out on top with a score of 2-0.

He, however, remained very humble in his victory …


More Zaha…

It was proved that even in with the far from the usual football boots , Wilfried Zaha is still able to perform brilliantly and score.Here are some shootouts that the primer league player took part in.

Another highlight of the day was the match between Ravens Wood School (Bromley) and Forest School (Horsham).  The Premier league player spent some time with the players and took plenty of photos with them .

To Read the full Match report and to learn the outcome,click the link to enter the madness. Click Here


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