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Our Mission

Through the medium of association football, the English Schools’ FA will support young people who are in education to develop:

  • Self-discipline, loyalty and resilience

  • Respect for those around them

  • Positive decision-making

  • A healthy lifestyle and physical skills

  • A love and understanding of the game through enjoyment and achievement

Not able to resolve your safeguarding concern locally?  Please raise your concerns with the ESFA nationally at safeguarding@schoolsfa.com

It’s not your responsibility to sort it, but it is your responsibility to report it
Thank you for working to keep children safe

We had just returned from the PlayStation Schools’ Cup Next Level Live event at the Hawthorns and would like to say a massive thank you to all involved. The careers workshops were well led and very informative and also pitched at the right level. It was also nice to finish with the fun stuff as the pupils would say.  All in all a fantastic day. So many thanks to you and your team for making memories for all concerned (even the staff).

Catshill Middle School | Season 2019-20

Testimonial: Catshill Middle School- PSSC Next Level Live 2019

I wanted to say a huge thank you to you and the whole of the ESFA for our final yesterday. It was an unforgettable day out for our players, staff and supporters. I know how much work you all put into the finals and throughout the season arranging and managing the competitions and we are extremely grateful.

To make the students feel like elite sportspeople for one just day was icing on the cake. Without your opportunities this would not be possible so please reflect and recognise the power your work and competitions have on the school children in this country. Although the result did not go our way it is a day our boys can remember and talk about for the rest of their lives regardless of their future involvement in football.

Sandringham High School | Season 2021-22

Testimonial: Sandringham High School- ESFA National Finals 2022