Schools’ Football Week – Game On

Schools’ Football Week 2020 – Game On: Thursday 6 February 2020

As part of this season’s SFW celebrations, the ESFA are introducing a new initiative to try and bring together all schools’ football players and participants on one, specific day – celebrating the wonderful world of Schools’ Football!

We want to use this opportunity to see how much activity we can register across all age groups, communities, players, pupils and teams – so we need your help!

As part of the registration process for Schools’ Football Week, we’ve included a section where you can tell us what activity you think you can plan to go ahead on Thursday 6 February.

Please share with us as much information as possible, including numbers of teams and players you plan to involve, so we can try and get an accurate snapshot of just how much schools’ football activity can take place on one day.

As well as registering your activity, we really want everyone to take the opportunity to share their events, whether it’s a schools’ cup match, a coaching session, your normal training, a one-off event or some brand new activity you’ve put together specifically for this purpose –

we’ll be using the hashtag #SFWGameOn on Twitter and Instagram so please make sure you share with us absolutely everything you’re up to! You can tag @SchoolsFootball on Twitter and Instagram in any posts you share too.