COVID-19 Guidance

Post-Lockdown Guidance Update – 8 December 2020

The ESFA has reviewed The FA guidance with regard to the resumption of football, and you can find it here.

The guidance exempts those aged under 18 from the restrictions, so subject to risk assessment and compliance with FA regulations, football can continue. However, please bear in mind that, even with the exemption, there is still an expectation from government that travel is minimised.

On the basis of the latter, the ESFA’s Emergency Committee has determined that  there will be no ESFA-hosted events such as international trials or national finals before January 2021, at which point a we will review the guidance again.  In the meantime, ESFA National Cup fixtures for 20-21 and any local football is permitted to take place, subject to compliance with The FA’s regulations. Should you decide to proceed, please take extra care to ensure that your risk assessment is thorough and your compliance with regulations clear, as failure to do so exposes you and your players to risk

Guidance Update – 6 November 2020

The FA guidance below should clarify some points in line with DfE guidance. The guidance also confirms that exemptions to suspension applies to Colleges and there is also an academy update. You can read the documents via the links below:

Lockdown Guidance Update – 5 November 2020

The Department for Education and The FA have now clarified the position for football in schools during the current lockdown period. As a result of the DfE guidance, which you can see below, competition between schools is now not permitted and as a consequence, inter-school football is suspended until 2nd December, when the government reviews its position. A reminder that rep football is already suspended in accordance with the government and FA guidance for the grassroots game.

Consequently, the “play by” dates for the first round of ESFA National Competitions scheduled to begin in November or December will now move to January 2021, with specific dates for each competition to follow.

Outside of inter-school competition, football within individual schools can continue, subject to risk assessment and to meeting the specific conditions in the guidance which include retaining children in their bubbles whilst playing, and the thorough cleaning of equipment between sessions. Again, further details are in the guidance.

Please find below all documents relevant for restarting and maintaining schools’ football activity

Updated Guidance – October 2020

The FA have released updated guidance for football, which can be downloaded below. This is now the most current guidance and the only version that should be adhered to for ongoing footballing activity. It also includes updated guidance on indoor football.

Please also note that in areas of the country where more stringent restrictions have been imposed, there may be additional limitations and additional control measures in place which must also be complied with. Please ensure you take this into account wherever necessary.

The FA’s updated guidance to restarting competitive football (17 September 2020)

The FA’s live Q&A transcript post “rule of 6” announcement (September 2020)

The FA’s Risk Assessment:

The FA’s First Aid Guidance:

The FA’s Guidance for Outdoor Facilities:

The FA’s Guidance for Referees

*Please note: you should also be completing the ESFA standard risk assessment document as well as COVID-19 risk assessments for all activity. These documents are available to download here.