Testimonial: U15 Girls

“It was an UNBELIEVABLE day”

‘I just wanted to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU for all the work and effort that you put in to running, organising and promoting the competition over the year resulting in what was our first experience as a school of finals day at Pride Park.  It was an UNBELIEVABLE day that was way beyond the girl’s imagination, the quality of the video streaming with all the different angles and slow-motion replays, detail within the commentary were just phenomenal, like watching a Premiership game.  All the other hospitality that goes into the day like the PlayStation sponsored kit, free PlayStation 4 for winners of different competitions throughout the day, as well as the use of a top quality stadium, pitch, the dressing rooms, warm-up pitches and food in the hospitality lounge after the game all make for the best sporting experience a school can have. Thank you once again for all your efforts in making this such a fantastic competition, we hope to be back in the finals very soon.’

Heathside School | Season 2016-2017