ESFA release draws for Rep Team competitions

The English Schools’ FA is delighted to announce that the following National Inter Association Cup draws will be published at 1.00 pm today (Friday 12 March):

Inter-District Cups

  • Under 11 Danone Nations 9-a-side Inter-District Cup (Boys) – 56 Entries
  • Under 11 Danone Nations 9-a-side Inter-District Cup (Girls) – 23 entries
  • Under 13 PlayStation Inter-District Cup (Boys) – 38 entries
  • Under 15 PlayStation Inter-District Cup (Boys) – 43 entries

Inter-County Cups

  • Under 14 PlayStation Inter-County Cup (Boys) – 10 entries
  • Under 14 PlayStation Inter-County Cup (Girls) – 13 entries
  • Under 16 Inter-County Cup (Boys) – 13 entries
  • Under 16 Inter-County Cup (Girls) – 13 entries
  • Under 18 Inter-County Cup (Boys) – 9 entries

The competitions will proceed subject to COVID 19 guidance which is due to be released imminently by The Football Association, with the approval of DCMS.  The ESFA will keep member associations updated regarding this information.

In the meantime, associations are encouraged to make provisional arrangements for the first round of fixtures which are due to be played on Saturday 24 April.  It is critical for participating associations to understand that fixtures must be played on the scheduled play-on date and there will be no permission granted for matches to be played beyond the published dates as the ESFA is required to apply a strict date structure in order to successfully complete the competitions before the end of the summer term.  Matches can be played in midweek, before the deadline date, where there is a MUTUAL agreement in place between both teams.

To view the full competition draws you can do so by visiting www.esfa.co.uk/competitions.

Association secretaries can view specific fixture information by logging in to www.esfa.co.uk/associations.

Note: All fixtures must be risk assessed in line with the ESFA Covid risk assessments