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ESFA Hotshots 2022/23- The ESFA’s Intra-School Campaign

ESFA Hotshots Intra-School Football Campaign is back for 2022-23 and taking part could result in your school winning up to £1500! Register your school’s interest by filling out the form in the story below.

Hotshots is all about intra-school football. The project’s aim is to get as many young people as possible playing schools’ football and to build on the success of the campaign in the 21/22 season, which saw over 30,000 young people taking part.

The ESFA is able to incentivise this activity, so that each school that signs up and organises intra-school football during the 22/23 season will be entered into a prize draw, with the possibility of winning a £1,500 cash prize from their relevant category!

The Association has put together a short guide for schools, providing some helpful information on how to plan intra-school football activity – whether it’s playing on a playground, on a field with jumpers for goal posts, or a 3G pitch. The guide also highlights how the prize draw will work and will provide a date structure for schools to plan activity around. You can download this below:

Registering Interest

To register your interest in this season’s ESFA hotshots campaign, please fill out the short survey below.

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The ESFA has created a Hotshots certificate to reward individual participation, as well as a suite of social media assets which schools can download and share across their own channels.

All ESFA assets, including terms & conditions for the prize draws are available on the dedicated Hotshots webpage.

The Association is keen to track the Hotshots progress across England via social media and will be encouraging schools to post about their activity, tagging @schoolsfootball on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and using the hashtag #ESFAHotshots

Good luck to all the schools and pupils taking part in this season’s Hotshots activity

Twitter: @SchoolsFootball #ESFAHotshots 

Instagram: @SchoolsFootball  #ESFAHotshots

Facebook: Schools’ Football

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ESFA Hotshots- Prize draw winners 2021/22

The Inaugural ESFA Hotshots campaign has come to a close with over 31,000 pupils taking part in intra-school football activity, across the country. The prizes have been drawn and the winners are announced below! This season, the ESFA is giving away over £29,000 in cash to the winning schools.

ESFA Hotshots

ESFA Hotshots was a new ESFA initiative for the 2021/22 season, focusing on intra-school football.

The project aim was to encourage as many young people as possible into organised team sport, regardless of ability and to encourage participating schools to organise intra-school football activity between 14th March 2022 and 27th May 2022. The ESFA incentivised this activity by entering each school that registered their Intra-School activity with us into a prize draw, with a chance to win £3000 for their school.

The initiative encouraged an amazing 31,364 pupils from around the country to take part in organised Intra-school activity with 17,808 boys, 12,512 girls and 1,044 SEND pupils involved. It has been great to see schools from all over the country sharing their Hotshots activity via the ESFA’s social media channels, with pupils of all ages and abilities getting to experience the benefits that schools’ football provides.

Prize Draw

All the schools’ that took part in the ESFA Hotshots initiative were entered into a prize draw for their particular category of school. The prizes for each category are as follows:

  • 1st Prize £3,000 Cash
  • 2nd Prize £300 Cash
  • 3rd Prize: Pro-Direct Football Equipment

Congratulations to the following schools’ who have been successful in this season’s prize draw:

Boys’ Primary School

  • 1st Prize (£3,000): Bedfont Primary School (Middlesex)
  • 2nd Prize (£300): East Preston Junior School (West Sussex)
  • 3rd Prize: (Pro-Direct Football Equipment): Colham Manor Primary School (Uxbridge)

Girls’ Primary School

  • 1st Prize (£3,000): Fair Field Junior School (Watford)
  • 2nd Prize (£300): Westgate Hill Primary Academy (Tyne and Wear)
  • 3rd Prize: (Pro-Direct Football Equipment): Veritas Primary Academy (Staffordshire)

Boys’ Secondary School

  • 1st Prize (£3,000): Birley Secondary Academy (Sheffield)
  • 2nd Prize (£300): The Heath School (Cheshire)
  • 3rd Prize: (Pro-Direct Football Equipment): All Saints Church of England Academy (Dorset)

Girls’ Secondary School

  • 1st Prize (£3,000): The Gryphon School (Dorset)
  • 2nd Prize (£300): Dallam School (Cumbria)
  • 3rd Prize: (Pro-Direct Football Equipment): Sidmouth College (Devon)

Boys’ Further Education

  • 1st Prize (£3,000): The Warren School (Barking and Dagenham)
  • 2nd Prize (£300): Samuel Whitbread Academy (Bedfordshire)
  • 3rd Prize: (Pro-Direct Football Equipment): Branston Community Academy (Lincoln)

Girls’ Further Education

  • 1st Prize (£3,000): Carmel College (Merseyside)

Boys’ Small Schools

  • 1st Prize (£3,000): North Waltham Primary School (Hampshire)
  • 2nd Prize (£300): Tanworth In Arden CofE Primary School (Solihull)
  • 3rd Prize: (Pro-Direct Football Equipment): Woore Primary School (Shropshire)

Girls Small Schools’

  • 1st Prize (£3,000): Broughton Moor Primary School (Cumbria)
  • 2nd Prize (£300): Woore Primary School (Shropshire)
  • 3rd Prize: (Pro-Direct Football Equipment): Tanworth In Arden CofE Primary School (Solihull)

SEN Mixed Schools’

  • 1st Prize (£3,000): Adelaide Heath Academy (Cheshire)
  • 2nd Prize (£300): Carmel College (Merseyside)
  • 3rd Prize: (Pro-Direct Football Equipment): Farringdon Academy (Sunderland)

Congratulations once again to all the above schools. A big thank you to all the schools and pupils who took part in this new, ESFA Hotshots campaign and please look out for the continuation of this initiative for the 2022/23 season.