Heartsafe- AED locator

Heartsafe are a British Company with 12 years expertise providing defibrillator (AED) solutions for communities, businesses, schools and sports clubs throughout the UK. With several high profile cases such as Fabrice Muamba back in 2012 and most recently Christian Eriksen at Euro 2020, the world has seen the how important AED’s can be in saving someone’s life on a football pitch.

Heartsafe have recently released an AED locator map that offers the public the opportunity to check in their community where defibrillators are closest to your place of home or work. The map identifies defibrillators that are registered by their owners throughout the UK and are listed on the map as they are happy to share access in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest. Anyone owning or providing a defibrillator to their community can freely register it’s availability here.

The map is to encourage people to learn the whereabouts of their nearest defibrillator in advance of ever needing to use one in an emergency. Having this knowledge will save time once you ring 999 and make contact with the emergency services.

The HeartSafe cabinets that are located throughout the UK are clearly identified with the exact address of their location with postcode. Heartsafe are currently encouraging all cabinets to be registered using the what3words location. Their goal is for every member of the public to have quick and immediate access to a local defibrillator. Saving time saves lives, with Christian Eriksen being the most recent high profile example witnesses by the world during EURO 2020.