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Calling all ESFA members!

Are you curious about how others tackle some of the challenges you are facing? Do you have a problem which you’re not sure how to solve? Or are you simply curious about the schools’ football world outside of your area?

If so, have a look at our One Stop Shop.  Here you can find our best practice case studies, our tips and tricks, our resource templates and our links to other useful information published elsewhere on the website.

If you’ve got something to contribute, or have a specific matter you’d like to see on show here, then do get in touch and we will do our best to provide opportunities for the ESFA football family to learn from each other. Our aim is to constantly develop this area of our work and your contributions and questions will be gratefully received.

How Can We Help

Take a look at our helpful links below…

Insurance – Season 2021/22

Please find below guidance documents relating to insurance for the 2021/22 season. You can also download the insurance Evidence of Cover letter for our registered associations below:

Risk Assessments

The ESFA has updated it’s risk assessment documents for festivals and tournaments as well as home and away fixtures. You can download the information you need via our resources page here.


ESFA Certificate of Merit 19-20

If you require a certificate with specific wording, please email Sarah Kearney and we will be able to produce this for you

Best Practice

We want to be able to provide you with examples of good practice within Associations across the country, in order to help and inspire other counties that may be struggling with particular issues. 

Please read through the examples we have put together for you here

Also, if there is something you feel your association is excelling at in your area, please let us know, so we can add your example to the site, allowing you to be able to help others.

Marketing & Communications

We recently published a Membership Matters – Social Media Special which is full of information on how to utilise Social Media for your association. You can click here to download a copy and find out more.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.