Danone Nations Cup Toolkit

Season 20/21 update:

We are delighted that the Danone Nations Cup competitions will be reinstated for the 20/21 season, however due to the restrictions created by the Covid-19 pandemic, the offering for this particular competition will be different this season, with ‘normal’ DNC activity resumed for the 21/22 season (from September 2021).

These changes mean we are running just two categories of competition from Easter 2021:

  • U11 Girls’ 9-a-side inter-district cup
  • U11 Boys’ 9-a-side inter-district cup

These 9-a-side competitions will take the place of the usual 7-a-side compettions and will be contested on a knockout principle, where the winning team from each fixture will move forward to the next round. 

You can find full details of the changes to the DNC competition for 20/21 on the DNC Toolkit, which can be downloaded below:

U11 DNC Toolkit – Season 20/21 only

Providing the best experience for our players

If you are running Danone Nations Cup competitions this season in your area, whether you are a school, County, District or SSP, we want to make sure you have the resources on hand to provide a fair, consistent and wonderful experience for your players. 

We have developed a toolkit specifically for this purpose, to give you an overview of the competition, provide all the rules and guidance you might need and share with you resources to help promote and engage all those involved with this year’s tournament.


The Danone Nations Cup 

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