Danone Nations Cup Toolkit

Providing the best experience for our players

If you are running Danone Nations Cup competitions this season in your area, whether you are a school, County, District or SSP, we want to make sure you have the resources on hand to provide a fair, consistent and wonderful experience for your players. 

We have developed a toolkit specifically for this purpose, to give you an overview of the competition, provide all the rules and guidance you might need and share with you resources to help promote and engage all those involved with this year’s tournament.

Danone Nations Cup Toolkit 2018-2019

Click here to download the FULL TOOLKIT – every organising body should have a copy of this in order to be able to run effective competitions

DNC Team Sheet
Use this to record the players within each of your competitions and give them recognition for their achievements

DNC Tournament Poster
Share your successes through the various competition rounds with this specially designed poster – allow others to track your progress throughout competition rounds

DNC school welcome letter
Let your competing schools know all about the amazing competition they are taking part in!

DNC parent welcome letter
Share this letter with parents of players, so they  know all about the worldwide tournament their children are playing in!

District Release – Regional Rounds
Share this release with Districts that make it to the Regional Rounds of the competition and let the local media know of their achievements 


The Danone Nations Cup 

If you want to know more about the Danone Nations Cup and the ESFA’s partnership with Danone to provide these amazing tournaments for U11s in England, then please click here

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