Reward & Recognition

The ESFA’s Reward & Recognition Campaign for Schools’ Football Volunteers across England


The English Schools’ Football Association (ESFA) is delighted to be planning a new Reward and Recognition Awards scheme for the 2022/23 Schools’ Football Season. This new campaign will see the Association, as the National Governing Body for Schools’ Football, reach out to and reward the army of volunteers that continue to dedicate their time, providing opportunities for school pupils across England to participate in local schools’ football activity.  

Why now?

Recent findings have shown that there are volunteers giving up their time on behalf of the ESFA in local areas, via local County and District Schools’ FA’s – without realising that their efforts are contributing to the countrywide mission of the Association. The work of volunteers is intrinsic to the continuation of the ESFA across local and representative football and its impact on communities throughout England. Therefore, it is important the Association attempts to make a connection with these valuable volunteers to both recognise and reward their contributions.  

How to get involved:

The ESFA plans to reach as many volunteers as possible, reminding them of how valued their input is and maybe even introducing some of them to the wider work of the English Schools’ FA. The new campaign also ensures that volunteers are aware of some of the benefits that can be accessed as part of their ESFA Membership. The Association is therefore asking volunteers to spare a few minutes to fill out the below survey, ensuring their contact details are captured – – Don’t delay, the survey will only be available to complete until Friday 9th September.

Next steps:

The ESFA will begin a conversation with its volunteers to find out as much information as possible to help support this new initiative. It is hoped that through a combined and well-informed approach, the Association will be able to embrace its huge volunteer workforce and reward them for the incredible work they do to support Schools’ Football