Representative Football


Representative football encompasses both District and County football opportunities, with a team being formed via player selection from schools within the Association boundaries. We recommend that if teachers aren’t already aware of the nomination process for talented players, to contact us for more information in order to help support these opportunities.

District football is offered by Associations from the Under 10 age group (Year 5) through to Under 15 (Year 9 & 10) – although the traditional age groups are Under 11, 13 & 15 so as to fit within National competition pathways offered.

County football aims to build on the opportunities provided at District level and support talented players through the next stage of their development. Almost all County football is played between the Under 14 and the Under 18 age groups, with players able to play across two year age bands.

The combination of both representative programmes aims to provide high quality playing experiences throughout the majority of a young person’s school career, developing them physically and mentally, alongside their educational goals. Schools’ football is the only form of youth football where both ‘academy’/RTC and non-academy players can play together, providing a fantastic platform from which to develop individual ability.

Talent Pathway

Representative football is an opportunity offered to talented players across the country to participate in local, regional and national competition. Activity is offered for both Boys and Girls comprised of league, cup and tournament/festival formats, feeding into the ESFA talent pathway.

ESFA Champions Cup

Alongside local activity run by Associations the ESFA has introduced the Champions Cup for season 2021/22, which is the new way in which national, representative cup competitions will be offered.

You can find out all about the Champions Cup here. (coming soon)

Getting Involved

If you’re not already involved with your local County Schools’ FA, you can use our portal to find the closest one to you and find contact details for the secretary there. Simply follow this link.

Don’t forget, you can find full information on eligibility criteria for representative team football on our website here

You can also find lots of useful information for County and District Associations including funding and sponsorship ideas under our ‘For Associations‘ tab on the website.

If you’re not sure where to start, or who you need to speak to locally, then you can always contact the ESFA office by email and one of our members of staff will be able to advise you further.