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SAFIB hummel Centenary Shield to be broadcast on Recast in 2023

The Schools’ Association Football International Board (SAFIB) have announce that all hummel Centenary Shield fixtures will be broadcast via the Recast streaming platform, on the hummel Centenary Shield channel.

The Centenary Shield, sponsored this year by hummel, kicked off on the 23 February and runs until the last game of this International season on Friday 28 April, when England play Wales in Staffordshire.

Each match will be streamed live via the Recast streaming service, for only £3 per fixture – allowing viewers to watch every clash live, with full commentary and replays from the comfort of their own home.

It couldn’t be easier to be a part of the live action this season – join Recast and start watching – head to the hummel Centenary Shield Channel, create an account and claim the 25 free Cast Credits.

Supporters can purchase the hummel Centenary Shield casts by using a credit or debit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay, plus the 25 free cast credits can be used towards the costs, with each credit equating to 0.01p. Viewers can also earn an additional 50 bonus Cast Credits by completing the ‘My Data’ profile on their Recast account and agreeing to share their anonymised data with advertisers on Recast.

You can boost your Casts by watching adverts, sharing content or data and inviting your friends to watch too.

Upcoming Fixtures

There are still 7 hummel Centenary Shield fixtures left to play in the coming weeks, including all four England Schoolboy clashes against the other home nations –

Thursday 23 March 2023WalesvNorthern Irelandhttps://share.recast.tv/v/8PXXz?referrer=6oWNg
Friday 24 March 2023Republic of IrelandvEnglandhttps://share.recast.tv/v/8g779?referrer=6oWNg
Thursday 30 March 2023Northern IrelandvRepublic of Irelandhttps://share.recast.tv/v/5l77n?referrer=6oWNg
Friday 31 March 2023ScotlandvEnglandhttps://share.recast.tv/v/8E779?referrer=6oWNg
Thursday 13 April 2023WalesvScotlandhttps://share.recast.tv/v/6kaaw?referrer=6oWNg
Friday 14 April 2023EnglandvNorthern Irelandhttps://share.recast.tv/v/GxJJZ?referrer=6oWNg
Friday 28 April 2023EnglandvWaleshttps://share.recast.tv/v/8NXXj?referrer=6oWNg

You can find out more on Recast and how it works on their website here

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