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England U18 Schoolboys’ Pro:Direct trials- Midlands regional squad announced

The ESFA is delighted to announce the successful trialists from the Midlands England U18 Schoolboys’ Pro:Direct regional trial. These boys will now progress to stage two, representing their region against the North, with the aim of reaching the final trial in December.

The ESFA hosted the Midlands England U18 Schoolboys’ Pro:Direct Trial yesterday (Sunday 23rd October) in the Midlands. From this trial, a squad of successful boys has been selected to go forward and represent their region in stage two of the trial process.

You can view the selected squad details below –

Regional Trials

The successful boys from last weekend’s event will go forward to create the Mildands squad which will face off against the North in stage two of the trials process on Sunday 27th November. Further regional trials are due to take place in the North (Sunday 30th October) and South West (Sunday 6th November), concluding stage 1 of the trials process.

Full details of the International Trials and a rundown of what to expect from the 2022/23 international season can be found here.

A huge congratulations to the boys listed below for making the Midlands representative squad:

Players Name Players County
Jay Owen Shropshire
Jake Williams Leicestershire
Kian Brade West Midlands
Jack Bostock Staffordshire
Douglas Hughes Staffordshire
Ashton Musgrave Northamptonshire
Tyrease Hughes West Midlands
Tafari Hinds West Midlands
Daniel Hughes Staffordshire
Mario Novaku Staffordshire
Liam McCullagh West Midlands
Jay Sangha Shropshire
Arran Cocks Leicestershire
Nick Tanko Shropshire
Ben Wodskou Leicestershire
Charlie KingStaffordshire

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