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Can your pupils become Premier League Wellbeing Stars?

Premier League Primary Stars is launching a new challenge to help pupils aged 5-11 to make a positive difference in their communities.

With this challenge, pupils are being asked to design and deliver a Wellbeing Week,
consisting of five acts of kindness to help boost the wellbeing of their school/community.
Children can take part at school or at home, individually, as part of a group or as a

Premier League Primary Stars has created a free resource pack to help pupils think
about the importance of wellbeing and understand social action. There is a worksheet to
help them plan and deliver their Wellbeing Week. To take part in this challenge,
teachers/parents/carers will be asked to submit children’s completed Wellbeing Week
template worksheet.

You can find all of the Premier League Wellbeing Week resources by clicking here

For taking part, each school will receive a Premier League Wellbeing Stars calendar,
containing a collection of work from the challenge. Three schools will be recognised for
their efforts with a school visit from the Premier League Trophy, and there will also be
opportunities to access our selection of exclusive Premier League rewards.

You can watch the Wellbeing Stars launch video here:

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