National Finals 2019/20 – Player of the Match Winners

A celebration of the 2019/20 Players of the Match!

Following October’s National Finals, completing the 2019/20 season, we wanted to look back and congratulate our Players of the Match from the fixtures that were played.

Commentators from each of the live streamed National Finals tell us their top four players in their match, which we then put to a live public vote via @SchoolsFootball on Twitter. The polls, which racked up hundreds of votes, crowned 13 Players of the Match during the 19/20 Finals.

All photos are courtest of official ESFA photographer, 353 Photography – and you can view and purchase photos from all of the recent finals via their website.

Congratulations to…

Whitgift School’s no. 8, Leo Umeh
U12 Elite Schools’ Cup Final
St Bede’s & Byron College 3 – 3 Whitgift School (6 – 5 after penalties)

Claremont School’s no. 11, Jaydon Fuller
U14 Small Schools’ Final
Repton 0 – 4 Claremont School

St Mary’s College’s no. 5, Hayden Allmark
U12 Small Schools’ Final
St Michael’s CE Middle School 1 – 2 St Mary’s College

St Mary’s College’s no. 11, Dan Molloy
U15 Small Schools’ Final
Buckswood School 3 – 1 St Mary’s College

Wade Deacon’s no. 7, Cai Jones
U15 Schools’ Cup Final
Ivybridge Community College 1 – 1 Wade Deacon School (4 – 3 after penalties)

Ivybridge College’s no. 4, Tiana Campbell
U15 Girls’ Cup Final
Walkden High School 3 – 6 Ivybridge Community College

Bishop Stortford’s no. 9, Joe Nardelli
U14 Schools’ Cup Final
Turton School 1 v 2 The Bishop Stortford High School

Ewell Castle’s no. 1, Spike Brits
U13 Small Schools’ Cup Final
Ewell Castle 1 – 5 St Bede’s College

Wilson’s School’s no. 1, Ellis Jarold,
U18 Schools’ Cup Final
Repton School 3 – 0 Wilson’s School

Shenfield High Schools’ no. 6, Harrison Parker
U13 Elite Schools’ Cup Final
Sandwell Academy 0 – 0 Shenfield High School (10 – 11 after penalties)

Hodgson Academy’s no. 9, Beth Strutton
U14 Girls’ Cup Final
Hodgson Academy 5 – 4 Shenfield High School

Brooke House College’s no. 8, Risse
U16 Small Schools’ Cup
LeAF Studio School 1 – 7 Brooke House College

St Peter’s Catholic Schools’ no. 16, Matthew Masterson
U13 Schools’ Cup
Emerson Park 4 – 5 St Peter’s School

Croydon SFA’s no. 10, Rizgar Bedir
U13 Inter Association Cup Final
Gateshead 2 – 2 Croydon (Gateshead win after penalties)

Bedfordshire CSFA’s no. 14, Oliver Brennan
U16 Inter County Cup Final
Bedfordshire CSFA 1 – 2 Staffordshire CSFA

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