Public Statement 2: Coronavirus – 16 March

The ESFA continues to monitor the situation with Covid 19 and the spread of the corona virus, and national guidance is being followed. For the time being, this means that football fixtures can be played as planned.

This is however a very fluid situation and further measures to prevent the spread of the virus are anticipated to be put in place by the government this week. As has been the practice to date, the ESFA will follow that guidance and update members as customers accordingly if that position changes, following the Government’s now daily COBRA meetings. The ESFA will use its website and social media channels for general updates, and will contact those who are participating in ESFA national activity directly as the situation develops

We fully accept that some schools, Associations, players or parents will wish to withdraw from playing football for the time being, and the ESFA accepts and respects that position. Schools and teams that are still competing within National Cup competitions will be contacted directly by the National Competitions Department to notify you of the ESFA’s position. Please contact the National Competitions Department directly, as you would usually, should you have any concerns regarding fixture deadlines.

Full information and guidance on the prevention and spread of the virus, and the essential precautions, can be found on the Public Health England website, which will always contain the most up to date information.

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