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PlayStation F.C. Schools’ Cup – Next Level

The PlayStation F.C. Schools’ Cup kicks up a gear for 2019/20

This year, Europe’s biggest U12 – U15 schools’ football tournament is kicking up a gear.

Having both played in the tournament when they were younger, Georgia Stanway (England and Man City forward) and Declan Rice (West Ham and England player) are now on the hunt for the Next Level Players in the PlayStation F.C. Schools’ Cup.

Throughout the tournament they’ll be looking for:

1 .The goal of the month

2. The save of the month

3. The team of the month

Each month the winning Next Level Players will get a shout out on our social channels. Georgia and Declan will also be dropping into some schools for surprise missions – so make sure you don’t skip training!

So if you think you’ve got the sleekest finish, hottest goalie gloves or best team chemistry then send us the proof! Email your videos or images to for a chance to win!

We will be sharing the winners each month so keep your eyes peeled – the first winners will be announced at the end of November!


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