Research into health of former professional footballers.

Today the New England Journal of Medicine has published the report that The FA and PFA commissioned into health, dementia and football.

The independent FIELD study is led by Dr Willie Stewart with Glasgow University and the Hampden Sports Clinic. This study had the unique possibility of comparing the recently digitised NHS Scotland databases with a full database of ex-professional footballers in Scotland. This study was the first of its kind anywhere in the World and had only been made possible in the last couple of years due to the availability of these two unique datasets.

It looked at the medical records of over 7,500 ex-professional Scottish male footballers born between 1900 and 1976 and socio-demographically matched the players with over 23,000 members of the public. 1,180 of the ex-professional footballers had passed away.

For further details please click here:  The FA’s website

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