PlayStation Tie of the Round ft. Luke Shaw

Today luke shaw made a special appearance at Trinity CofE High School School, surprising both teachers and students…


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Our 9th TOTR of the year takes us to Trinity CofE High School. To start the day off, there was the PlayStation gaming session. Students were free to choose from a wide range of games such as FIFA and NBA to play on the PlayStation consoles. Feeling spoilt for choice, the students attempted to play as many different games as they could in their alotted time.

The loud and joyful atmosphere was created by cheering students and heavy competition between classmates, as they fiercely played to come out on top. Absolutely everyone was dying to have a go on the consoles , large queues formed for games and even teachers joined in on some of the action!

Q&A time

For the 8th final TOTR event , the Manchester United player, Luke shaw visited Trinity CofE Highschool .

Before his arrival it was very clear that Luke had many fans that were more than eager to get to meet him and have the footballer come to their school.

Student couldn’t believe their eyes when Luke walked into their school hall! There was a storm of clapping hands welcoming the Premier League player. Selected students read out questions for the player to answer , this included questions like :

‘What were your memories of school football?’

‘Who is the toughest player you’ve ever faced ?’


Watch the full video here :


Meet and Greet

Two very lucky teams got to meet Luke ahead of their match Trinity CoE Highschool and The East Manchester Academy had their captions introduce each member we of their team to the Man united player.



The teams beamed with joy as the took photos with the football player .


It was then time for one of the highlights of ever TOTR event , the famous student v Premier league player FIFA match! Luke chose Manchester United as the team he would play as and the excited student chose France .

The match gathered a large crowd of spectators who followed the game intensely. The second half was turbulent and it was clear both parties had a strong desire to win.

You can view some of the game footage below:

Both student and player battled it out fiercely, however in the end it was the undeniable skills of student who secured the win. The score ended with 3-2 to the student.

Luke was a good loser and congratulated his opponent on their performance with a handshake .

Luke made plenty of time for his fans as he signed boots and even iPhones.

Guess who we spotted …

Luke Matheson!! U18 Rochdale player, the clubs youngest debutant !

The day was one that will never be forgotten by the school and will live on in their memories. Everyone truly had a lovely day. We look forward to creating more memorable experiences for more children at our 10th and last TOTR event of the season in Liverpool. To stay up to date make sure you follow our social media and turn on post notifications for our Instagram coverage from upcoming events.

9 TOTRs down only one more to go!!!

Who knows maybe it will be your school that gets chosen …

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