Schools football week ft. Chris Kamara

On Friday, the 8th of January and then high school got a huge surprise as part of schools football week…




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Former footballer and current sky presenter Chris Kamara visited the high school in celebration of the PlayStation schools football week. The winners of the Playstation competition were Lymm high school and their reward was a visit from the ex Portsmouth player , Chris Kamara.

The day kicked off with a Q&A led by the students of the high school. The anticipation was extremely high, students waited eagerly and every time the door would open their excitement would peak with the hope that it would be Chris Kamara would have entered. Students asked several questions about Chris’ memories of football when he was younger but also questions on his career. Some questions included :

‘What were your memories of School football?’

‘What does it take to become  a professional footballer?’

It was clear to see that Chris was very passionate about everything to do with football and it was plainly displayed in the detailed answers he gave to the students. He had the crowd in the lots of laughter at several points during his interview. Both teachers and students couldn’t stop smiling throughout all of it.

Next was the coaching session led by Chris Kamara and And coach camp. Both girls and boys teams went through a series of different drills designed to improve them as players.

Throughout the day,  Chris gave plenty of speeches to the teams, it was visible on the basis of the children that he generated A lot of inspiration and hope that they could become successful as he is.


It was apparent that every time Kamara would give his coaching tips players would improve greatly, an example of this can be seen in the video below :

Kamara also spread even more joy by heading towards the door that was filled with excited shouts and praise for the presenter. He headed over to the door as soon as he heard this, with a big smile on his face he spoke to all the children and they all participated in seeing his famous catchphrase:

Unbelievable Jeff!!!

All in all the day was a huge success, the coaching that the team received is no doubt an invaluable experience and one that very few high school students can say they ever had the pleasure of being coached by Chris Kamara or even an actual footballer.

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