Tie of the Round

PlayStation Tie of the Round ft. Callum Wilson

The very first PlayStation Tie of the Round of 2019 took place Tuesday…

Some cherries memories for Ringwood school students…

Ringwood High School in Bournemouth were lucky enough to be chosen to be the destination for the first TOTR of the year. They were surprised by a visit from Bournemouth AFC player, Callum Wilson.

The whole school was buzzing with anticipation, they were delighted that the day started with a gaming session on PlayStation consoles. Games included Spyro , NBA and Lego Villains. Enthusiastic students gathered around each console eagerly waiting for their turn and cheering on their fellow classmates. The room was bursting with smiles and laughter throughout, a heartwarming way to start the first TOTR of the year.

Student Q&A

It’s not every day you get a Premier League footballer visiting your school…the Bournemouth AFC player surprised pupils at Ringwood High School yesterday. The stage was set in the hall and the pupils rushed in with excitement. As soon as Wilson was announced he was met with a deafening welcome. Students were given the unbelievable opportunity to ask questions to a Premier League player. When each student answered their question Callum was able to provide some of his wisdom to all the aspiring footballers.

Some of the questions included :

Who has the best goal celebration?

Who’s your best friend at the club?

Who would win a 100 metre race?


FIFA Time…

The famous FIFA tournament was next on the agenda. One specially selected student was given one of the most desired opportunities of any FIFA player, to play a FIFA match against an actual real-life footballer.

The match had everyone’s eyes glued to the screen as you could see both players frantically moving in order to secure a win.

In the end however the score became 2-1 to the student, however Callum took his defeat well and with a smile on his face. The student beamed with joy proud of his achievement as his classmates congratulated him.


Meet And Greet 

Callum then went to meet the members of Ringwood High school and Burgate School. The captains of each team introduced Callum to every member of their own team. It was easy to tell that this was a joyful moment to each of the players.

More Wilson…

Here are a few clips of Callum Wilson showing of his football skills with some unusual objects!

Seven Tie of the Rounds down and plenty more to go. There are still several Premier League footballers set to make appearances across schools all over the country. To stay up to date make sure you follow our social media and turn on post notifications for our Instagram coverage from upcoming events.

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