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PlayStation Tie Of The Round ft. John Stones

The third TOTR of the season featured an appearance from the Manchester City star John Stones…

Since the launch of the PlayStation Schools’ Cup in 2013, a number of leading professional footballers have supported the competition. Numerous players have visited schools across the country as part of the Tie of the Round events.

On Wednesday 21st November St Matthew’s RC High School pupils were surprised with a visit from a Premier League footballer at the PlayStation TOTR event.


Let the games begin…

To start off the event pupils of the school were given the opportunity to play with each other on PlayStation consoles and challenge each other on games. Students were more than excited to see that this was an addition to their usual school day and quickly got stuck into the activity. The competitive side of students was evident as they strove to become the winners of their games. Around the room, there was endless smiles and laughter from both students and staff. It was clear this experience brought classmates closer together.

Stones Rolls in…

There was an air of great anticipation as students waited patiently for the star to walk in. Stones’ arrival was met with great enthusiasm, excited students cheered loudly as soon as the Man City and England star stepped into the room.


Q&A session


A few pupils from St Matthew’s were given the chance to ask the England player some questions during his Q&A session…

What are your memories of school football?

Who was the most difficult player you’ve ever had to play against?

How do you feel since your first Premier League last season?

Who’s your best friend at the club?

Who is the best FIFA player at the club?


“You have to dedicate yourself and sacrifice a lot of things.”

John Stones

Watch the full Q&A below 

Game Time

One extremely lucky student challenged John Stones to a FIFA match. Playing FIFA with an actual football player, this would be the ultimate experience for any football or FIFA fan. There was an immense amount of concentration from both players as they quietly paid attention to every move, with hopes of being the victor.  


Both audience and FIFA opponents were in the zone and unable to take their eyes off the match. Emotions ran high when there were a few close goals. In the end, it was the pupil that won the match with an impressive 2-0 score.

Although John Stones was defeated, he took his loss well and continued to smile and congratulate his opponent on his success. Don’t worry John, there’s always next time!

Another huge highlight of the day was the U12 friendly match between St Matthews and local school, St Patricks. We will be releasing a match report and photos of this soon, so keep a look out!

The experience will remain a memorable day for all of those involved. There are still plenty more TOTR events left of the season, make sure you check out our social media for updates. Who knows maybe your school could be next…

Click here to read all about the St Mathews v St Patricks friendly match.




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