ESFA partnership with Pass4Soccer Scholarships

The Partnership between Pass4Soccer and the ESFA continues…

Since 2002 Pass4soccer Scholarships have been allowing players the opportunity to continue their sports development whilst still achieving a university degree within the USA. The perfect environment to allow students to reach their full potential. Successful PASS4Soccer graduates have gone onto securing top jobs all around the world, while at the same time continuing their love and anticipation of the game. 

Pass4soccer have the knowledge and experience to guide ESFA affiliated students when seeking higher education in soccer in the USA. With 15 years of experience graduates of PASS4Soccer have gone on to study at a wide range of universities in the USA gaining a world accepted degree. Graduates have gone on to play in MLS,WSl, and  English Football League. 

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Pass4Soccer have got some upcoming events this week, where you can find out more about the exciting opportunities they can provide. All dates are below:

2018 Information Events

  • 28 September – London – Female
  • 13 October – London – Male
  • 23 October – North England – Male
  • 24 October – London – Male
  • 25 October – SW England – Male
  • 26 October – SW England – Female
  • 30 October – Midlands – Male and Female
  • 2 December – Midlands – Male


Twitter: @PASS4Soccer

Instagram: @pass4soccer

Facebook: ‘Pass4Soccer’

Website: www.pass4soccer.com

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