The World of Schools' Football

ESFA supports World Mental Health day


Mental Health is an important issue that affects millions of people within the UK, however, football is a sport that can provide mental as well as physical health benefits. The ESFA provides thousands of opportunities every year for tens of thousands of children to get involved with playing schools’ football and even more children and adults to get involved with supporting. There are positive mental health benefits attributed to both sides of this and you can read more about them below –  

  1. Playing sports releases endorphins

– which make you feel more relaxed and happier


  1. Confidence is improved

– by setting personal and/or team goals, a sense of self-worth is created, resulting in an increase in confidence


  1. Heightened concentration

– physical activity assists you in keeping your mental skills sharp


  1. Decreased feelings of stress and depression

 – levels of stress hormones are lessened


  1. Improved sleep quality.


  1. Allows for socialisation

– playing in a football team enables increased socialisation, which promotes reduced stress and an increase in mood


  1. Can enhance academic achievement


  1. Enhances positive decision making


  1. Reduces anxiety


Even being a spectator could have a positive impact on mental health.  Fandom gives you a common language and promotes unity. By supporting schools’ football teams, this can potentially bring the school community closer and allow for more social interaction between all students. This decreases the levels of loneliness and alienation.            

Ways to looks after your mental health:

  1. Eat well
  2. Exercise
  3. Talk about your feelings
  4. Ask for help
  5. Take a break
  6. Take time for your hobbies
  7. Acceptance of who you are
  8. Care for others

If you do need mental health advice please call the Samaritans on 116 123.

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